SaaraLife Trim N Fit 200mg 30s

SaaraLife Trim’N’Fit contains 100% Ceylon Cinnamon extract derived using HAD technology, to ensure the optimal amount of dietary polyphenols to support a healthy weight. Studies have shown that cinnamon polyphenols can inhibit digestion, essentially helping your body process carbohydrates in a healthier way.

  • To reduce the absorption of sugars and staraches; preventing the body from storing excess carbs as fat.
  • Encourage the body to use existing fat stores for energy throughout the day.
  • To suppress appetite.



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The Ceylon Cinnamon extract that is in Trim’N’Fit is known to reduce the post-meal blood glucose levels which may result in significant reduction in deposits of fat, as well as better usage of already stored fat in your body.
Our HAD extraction process preserves precious plant compounds. Trim’N’Fit capsule cards are designed to fit in your pocket; so you can carry them anywhere.