Natures Way Kids Smart DHA Learning


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NATURE’S WAY KIDS SMART ADVANCED DHA LEARNING^ FORMULA is the delicious orange flavoured chewable burstlet that is packed with 300mg Omega-3 DHA. It provides two essential omega-3 fatty acids – docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) that our bodies cannot produce, so we need to get them from either the food we eat or quality supplements in order to meet our daily needs. Omega-3 fish oils are known to help children’s developing brains and preliminary research has found that Omega-3 DHA may help support healthy brain function, learning and behaviour.

Kids Smart Advanced DHA Learning^ Formula may help to support your children perform better at school.

Studies done at the University of Oxford suggest that 600mg Omega-3 DHA daily may help support:

-Reading and behaviour in underperforming children
-Sleep with nearly one more hour per night and less wake up episodes

Improved performance^:
The study on children underperforming in reading suggests that boosting your child’s intake of Omega-3 DHA during their school-age years may be a simple way to help support reading, behaviour and learning.¹ Kids Smart Advanced DHA Learning^ Formula is specifically formulated to be high in DHA, an essential brain nutrient to supplement your child’s diet throughout their school years. Boosting your child’s intake of Omega-3 DHA can help support cognitive health and their ability to think and learn.

Sleep better at night#:
Preliminary research also found that these children when supplemented with 600mg DHA had on average seven fewer wake episodes and 58 minutes more sleep per night.

Kids Smart Advanced DHA Learning^ Formula is a great product if you want to help support your children’s:
-Healthy learning at school &
-Healthy sleep at night#

Kids Smart Advanced DHA Learning Formula will also help if you,
-Want to support your child’s healthy brain and cognitive function at school, home and play