Protinex GOLD 400g

Protinex Gold is a high calorie based delicious nutritional food drink developed for individuals who require extra energy & nutrients for a healthy daily life. Protinex Gold provides a unique blend of high-quality proteins, fat, carbohydrates & essential vitamins & minerals, which makes a wholesome nutritional beverage for  Active kids, Growing teens, and young adults.

Protinex Gold is ideal when it comes to  Meal skippers &  Fussy and picky eaters to supplement their daily nutrient and energy needs.


  • 68% of Carbs to spare protein for its optimum use
  • High calcium – 198 mg per serving (39% of RDA)
  • Vital Vitamins & Minerals to facilitate energy production in the body
  • Calcium – Supports Maintenance of Healthy Bones & Teeth
  • Vitamin A & C – Acts as an Antioxidant, protecting Cells from Free-radical damage.

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