Anchor Shape Up

Anchor Shape Up is a nonfat milk powder by Anchor, a pioneer of dairy nutrition in New Zealand.


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Anchor Shape Up believes that leading a healthy lifestyle should not be a hard, time-consuming task. It is just #OneSmallStep in the right direction, and by continuously taking #OneSmallStep, anyone can achieve the unachievable and be healthy. Anchor Shape Up urges Sri Lankans who know they need to lead a healthier lifestyle to stop making excuses and start making small changes to their lives – take the stairs, have a little less sugar in your tea, less short eats, make the simple switch to nonfat – drink nonfat milk every day. Anchor Shape Up is #OneSmallStep that you can take to switch from regular milk to non-fat milk.

  • Shape-Up 1kg, skim milk powder by Anchor, a maker of dairy products in New Zealand.
  • It is a nonfat skim milk in which 99% of butterfat is removed and contains plenty of calcium.
  • Please use it as a nutritional supplement.
Pack Size

400g, 1Kg