Action Food Drink Chocolate 400g

Nutritionally Balance & Complete Food Drink. No added sugar.

Action is a nutritionally balanced food drink designed to meet increased nutritional need of family members at different life stages like kids in growth stage, pregnant and lactating mothers as well as for elders who are vulnerable to nutrient deficiencies due to poor food intake and probably due to aging associated factors.

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Action is ideal to meet daily nutrition needs, during recovery from illness or as a top up supplement along with normal meals. The Nutrition formulation of Action is prepared with emphasis on nutrition support to help individuals function at their peak throughout the day while meeting the daily allowances of vital nutrients.

Action helps individuals to compensate for lost nutrient intake during the day due to multiple reasons and is therefore ideal as a supplement when energy is needed throughout the day. Action is recommended for the entire family as a nutritionally balanced and complete food drink to keep every member of the family active throughout the day, every day.