Four Elements Detoxifying Coconut Gentle Exfoliating Scrub 150g

Four Elements ‘Detoxifying Coconut’ scrub is a lovely combination of toasted Coconut, Virgin oil, Virgin Flour, and Activated Shell Charcoal.

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You will fall in love with Our skin-loving Whole Coconut Scrub. Desiccated coconut will make your skin feel supple by mildly exfoliating and leaving its essential fatty acids on your skin. Virgin Coconut Flour and Arrowroot Powder will absorb away the excess oil and sweat on your skin while Aloe Vera Gel will soothe and rehydrates the skin. Virgin Coconut Oil and

Almond Oil will enhance skin texture and make it smoother. This gentle scrub can be used on both face and body to have a great softy supple skin in no time. Isn’t this an excellent all in one tropical treatment you looking for.