Imenha a patent-pending immunity enhancer made with only two 100% natural ingredients, combining modern scientific findings with ancient native knowledge.


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With the current COVID-19 pandemic and the race to find immunization
against it, it has become startling evident that viruses such as the one we are all presently confronting can evolve at a far quicker pace than modern medical research. The continuous mutations of the virus and it’s ever increasing reach, COVID has changed the way we look at health and life in general.

It has been a wake-up call for humanity in general to take a closer look at what we have been doing wrong, and what we could do better. Part of this process has been to look inwards, broaden our horizons, think outside the box, and look at the work of our ancestors across multiple cultures. Culturally, we still have access to thousands of years of medical knowledge (e.g., Ayurveda and other types of native medicines across the world), but we also have unprecedented access to modern scientific findings. Imenha is a solution that combines knowledge from both these worlds. When external defenses are unavailable, our only option is to strengthen our own internal defense; our immune system. This is precisely what Imenha provides: A supplement formulated to enhance your natural internal defense system. Humans are prone to many viral infections, not all of which develops into pandemics.

There is still no cure for the common cold (also a viral infection). The current pandemic has cast a spotlight on the complications of developing ‘cures’. There are many significant barriers to the quick development of such a solution, aside from the time it takes to develop such drugs, complicated by the many new strains of viruses that can emerge. In addition, the time it takes to carry out sufficient clinical trials, animal and human, the cost of production of such a synthetic drug, the potential of unknown long term risks and side effects all are part of why it might be unwise to solely rely on an external cure. So if you haven’t considered it already, try strengthening your internal defenses with good organic food, natural immunity enhancers such as Imenha, and a healthy lifestyle.

**Each bottle comes with a monthly supply, and is locally produced under strict sanitation guidelines. Unless there is a specific allergy to either ingredient, this is safe for all over the age of 16. Please consult your physician if you are pregnant before taking this supplement.


100% Natural Ingredients

It contains Green tea extract and natural bee honey. They are combined in a patent-pending process to bring you the single capsule

Strengthen the Immune system

A supplement formulated to enhance your natural internal defense system against viruses

Totally Sri Lankan Product

Combining modern scientific findings with ancient native knowledge.

No Side Effects

Because it is entirely natural, there are no known adverse side effects from taking this supplement for adults.

Weight Loss

You might even enjoy the potential benefit of weight loss that follows a two-week course of Imenha.

A Patent-Pending

Imenha suplement is a patent -pending product