Healing Herbs Livox 30s


All Natural Liver Health & Detoxification.

30 Vegetable Capsules.

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Healing Herbs Livox Liver Health & Detox Capsules is Sri Lanka’s only liver detoxification capsule with an internationally acclaimed scientifically proven herbal formula, and is formulated with 100% natural ingredients including milk thistle, the most recommended and researched herb for liver support and has been used over 2000 years along with turmeric and artichoke extract from Switzerland.

With continuous use for 90 days, the capsule helps to improve the health of the liver, rejuvenate liver functions, assist fat absorption and digestion, detoxify the liver and gallbladder, provide antioxidant protection, promote bile flow, regenerate hepatic cells, purifies the skin and blood, reduce the bloating of stomach and assist in reducing weight.