SaaraLife OptiHeart 500mg 30s

SaaraLife OptiHeart is a proprietary high potency extract that is derived by using state-of-the-art technology to maximise the active compounds of Ceylon Cinnamon that benefits your heart. The Recommended daily dosage of two capsuleswill give you the equivalent of 10g/12g of Ceylon Cinnamon so that it will give you the optimum heart health benefitsof Ceylon Cinnamon.

  • Maintain Cardiovascular, Arterial & Blood Vessel Health
  • Help maintain Healthy Cholesterol Levels
  • Help the body to metabolize Carbohydrates
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OptiHeart is standardised to guarantee a consistent dosage of the active compound equivalent to the required daily dosage of Ceylon Cinnamon powder to ensure the best possible results.

Ceylon Cinnamon is the safest type of Cinnamon in the World. Other varieties commonly referred to as cinnamon such as Casia have a high concentration of a toxic compound called Coumarin that is known to damage the liver if taken in large quantities.Our Extraction process also preserves precious plant compounds and has no Added Preservatives or fillers.