Maithree Children's Home

Maithree Children Development Centre takes care of over 20 female children who have been removed from their families due to harassment, abuse or abandonment. Whilst their basic needs are looked in to, we have undertaken the serious task of developing them as responsible citizens. We have a staff of 05 persons to care for these precious little children. Maithree is registered with the All Ceylon Buddhist Congress the Child Care and Probation Department.


Vitawell Multivitamin- 0/1
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Seven Seas Cod-Liver Oil- 0/1
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Para Soft Baby Soap-Liver Oil- 0/12
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KN 95 Children's Face Mask- 0/5
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Dettol 500ml- 0/4
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Butolice Spray 50ml - 0/2
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Vitawell Multivitamin

Butolice Spray 50ml

Seven Seas Cod-Liver Oil

Para Soft Baby Soap

KN95 Children's Mask

Dettol 500ml